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Hormone Production In Brainwave

Hormone Production In Free Brainwave.

Certain hormones can be produced over a particular stimulus. Certain stimuli received from the outside, sent by the body to the brain, then the brain as the main controller will determine which hormones must be produced and how many numbers are produced.

This process occurs throughout our lives, each of us to do something must have been through the process. When we cry, laugh, angry, in love, excited, scared, nervous, pain, sadness, compassion, etc.. All the senses of our body also works in accordance with the above process, namely Stimulation >>-- Brain >>--- action (reaction)

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Brainwave Free Download

Brainwave Free

Technology, is a field that looks like "will never stop growing". How not used in medieval times (middle age) at the time the communication is still very simple, no one suspected that the next 20-30 years (now) we can communicate via the internet. First images / photo / film is still black and white and without sound, who would have thought it's created dozens Megapixel photos and movies have also created a 3D, even 4D.

Rapid technological developments are also affecting the field of music. In recent years created a unique technology called Brainwave.

Brainwave Free

Brainwave, derived from the English language meaning "brain waves". What is meant here is the brain wave frequency and wave to the calculation of a specific combination that can alter the structure and mainset of our brains (right brain subconscious).
Briefly Brainwave is that if we hear the music periodically / continuously will affect our real life squad. For example, if we want to be a high / smart, then simply by listening to Brainwave a routine, we will be guaranteed a high / smart.

Strange? indeed .. Even stranger Brainwave can be used for various purposes, such as pulling the opposite sex (looking for a girlfriend ^ ^), increase confidence, cure disease (insomnia, asthma, etc.), add a fortune (* which I am less confident because every fortune there is hands of God), adding IQ, etc..
Scientific Explanation

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Free BRAINWAVE ATTRACT LOVE : Positive thoughts produce positive results. The only problem is that some of our most persistent, self-defeating  beliefs  are  stored  deep  in  the  unconscious,  where  they  have  the  power  to  undermine  our  happiness and sabotage our success. Now you can effortlessly change those negative beliefs to produce the results you want.

Special combinations of brain wave frequencies are harmonically layered in soothing music to trigger  heightened states of receptivity. Here the unconscious is primed to receive and act on a new set of ideas.  Subliminal messages are deeply absorbed by the unconscious to immediately impact your sense of self,  your creativity and the dynamic expression of your power in the world.  

Instructions for Listening
Listen to this program every day for six weeks. Be on the look-out for “coincidences” and acknowledge even  the  smallest  synchronicities  as  they  occur.  Once  your  subconscious  has  fully  absorbed  and integrated the subliminal messages, reality conforms to what your subconscious mind believes. The results are profound.

Track 1 can be used anytime and anyplace; while working, relaxing, exercising, reading or even sleeping. The subconscious mind has the capacity to absorb subliminal messages without special attention from the conscious mind.

Track  2  is  designed  to  be  used  with  stereo  headphones  to  maximize  the  benefits  of  the  brain  wave 
frequencies. When  listening  with  headphones,  find  a  time  and  place  where  you  are  not  likely  to  be disturbed. Position yourself comfortably with your spine straight and breathe deeply. This posture allows your natural channels of energy to open and flow freely. Using headphones while consciously relaxing enhances your receptivity to the brain wave frequencies and subliminal suggestions.
To ALL use headphones to listen with a headset / earphones when listening to stereo and the time and place who are looking for spare and make sure there are no disturbances during the hearing, listen to relaxing with eyes closed and feel the results, can while sitting back or lying down, just as comfortable as skipper position. for who can be heard anytime AL musik2 like any other, could he read books, eat, or drive. And according to the instructions of the manufacturer (brainsync) it's good skipper listened to AL during the 6-week routine.

Explanation Of The Brainwave

Brainwave Download Free

Explanation Of The Brainwave, If we go to the hospital, laboratium, or to the centers penelititan human brain function, then we can see EEG or electroencephalogram and Brain Mapping. Both tools are used to observe human brain activity. Brain Mapping The difference is only physically examine. To find a disturbance, brain damage or disability, eg brain tumor, brain blood pembulu outbreak, impact on the head and so on. While the EEG to check vibration, frequency, signals or brain waves are then grouped into several states of consciousness.

Vibration or frequency is the number of pulses (impulses) per second with a unit of hz. Based on research over the years in many developed countries, the frequency of the human brain is different for each phase of conscious, relaxed, light sleep, deep sleep, trance, panic, and so on. Through research that long, eventually the neurologist (brain) under agree-related brain wave state of mind. I will explain one by one about the types of brain wave frequencies and its influence on the condition of the human brain.

GAMMA (16 hz - 100 hz)
Is a brain wave that occurs when a person experiences a very high mental activity, such as was in the arena game, scramble championship, appeared in public, very panicky, terrified, in full awareness of this condition. Based on investigations Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson (Center for Acoustic Research) on the gamma waves actually there's more of a wave Hypergamma (exactly 100 Hz) and Lambda wave (exactly 200 Hz), will geolombang-wave which is associated with a supernatural or extraordinary abilities.

BETA (above 12 hz or 12 hz of s / d 19 hz)
Is a brain wave that occurs when a person experiencing mental activity wakefulness. You are in this condition when you perform your daily activities and interact with other people around you. Beta waves are divided into 3 groups, namely high beta (greater than 19 Hz) which is a vibrational transition with gamma, beta and vibration (15 Hz -18 Hz) which is also a gamma transition to the vibrations, and then lowbeta (12 Hz ~ 15 Hz ).

Sensory Motor Rhytm (12 hz - 16 hz)
SMR is actually still signed lowbeta vibration group, but special attention and also recently studied in depth recently by experts, because people with epilepsy, ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) and Autism did not produce this type of wave. The above is not impaired are unable to concentrate or focus on something that is considered important. So that every proper treatment is the way to his brain can produce vibrations that SMR. And this can be done with neurofeedback techniques.

About Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta On Brainwave

Brainwave Download Free
About Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta On Brainwave. Brain activity in living organisms is influenced by the frequency of sound vibrations that exist around it. In all living things, the brain is the central processor that is very vital.
After extensive research and a very long research on the brain of living things, the sound waves very easily affect the living brain is Brainwave (brain waves).

About Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta On Brainwave. There are four types of brain waves which have different functions and may affect the brain directly. 4 Brainwave Types are:
  • 1. Alpha. Brainwave Alpha waves affect the performance of the brain associated with creativity, relaxation and visualization.
  • 2. Beta. Beta Brainwave waves affect the performance of the brain associated with concentration.
  • 3. Theta. Theta Brainwave waves affect the performance of the brain associated with self-meditation, memory and deep relaxation.
  • 4. The Delta. Delta Brainwave waves affect the performance of the brain associated with the body's internal healing (self healing), tranquility and comfort.
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